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Our Mission

Our mission at Simple LEAF is to give all clients the ability to learn manageable landscape solutions in a way that’s easy to understand, allowing landscapes to thrive and be more sustainable.

How We Help

Learn Your Landscape

We offer personalized landscape and irrigation maintenance strategies to homeowners who are looking to work on their own yards or to better help contractors hired to do work. You'll learn professional strategies from a veteran landscaper who has honed his skills and knowledge from years of in field experience, industry certifications and holds degrees in horticulture from post secondary schools. Let Simple LEAF give you easy to understand information, in a digestible, easy to follow write-up allowing you to take pride in your abilities to perform basic to advanced landscape work to help you enjoy every bit of your outdoor living spaces.

We also offer in house training to landscape companies and local municipalities that would like to streamline their training of new and experienced employees. Coming soon, our classes will be offering CEU’s for existing certifications and can be personalized for your specific company needs. We offer classes in all facets of landscape maintenance and include on site, hands on training to help make sense of the in class information. We understand the importance of training and the difficulty of making sure you’re getting the right information to the right people. We can set up annual sessions to make sure year after year, you’re getting the most out of your team.

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