Our Services

Home Owners

Simple LEAF consulting offers homeowners the ability to understand their landscape in ways that make it manageable and simple.

Clients who hire us will get insight into their Sprinkler controller, how to get water when and where you need it, and landscape management solutions all while utilizing the most sustainable and waterwise strategies used in the landscape industry today. This information can be used to do work yourself or to make it easier on contractors who are servicing your system. From the sprinkler point of connection to where and what plants the water lands at, you’ll have everything you need in an easy to understand write-up. Included with our services will be instructions on maintenance strategies for your entire landscape, such as:

  • Turf square footage (for determining fertilizer and pesticide rates)
  • Turf area annual maintenance strategies (including Turf ID)
  • How to calculate and apply fertilizer and pesticides
  • Irrigation controller programing techniques and sprinkler head adjustments
  • Information on your sprinkler valves and heads, drip systems and any other components installed on your system
  • Landscape lighting strategies and maintenance
  • Plant and tree maintenance requirements and multi year plan (including plant ID)
  • How to properly prune trees and shrubs
  • Future project planning and installation techniques
  • Any and all questions or concerns about your landscape can be addressed
  • The ability to contact a professional about questions that may arise at any time

The internet contains so much information that it can be difficult to nail down the best strategy for your specific landscape.

Simple LEAF will give you what you need to know in an easily digestible format allowing you to save time and headaches.

Let us help you get acquainted with your outdoor living spaces so you can truly enjoy them to their fullest and relieve the stress of the unknown. You too can Learn Your Landscape and we can make it Simple!