Local Educational Resources

We’re extremely lucky to live in an area rich in a history of education in agriculture. From Colorado State University to Water Conservation districts, finding supplemental information on our natural environment has never been more accessible. Below are links to several websites that can expand your knowledge of landscape maintenance techniques and the science to back it up highlighting the importance of using sustainable practices to maintain your Northern Colorado landscapes.

This resource is brought to you by one of the top agriculture universities not only in our area, but in the western US. The information is a great resource to the novice or a refresher to the expert. Peruse all the topics to hone your skill set and help you get the most out of your landscape.

NCWCD has been researching water wise landscape and turf maintenance strategies for a number of years. Their research has led to new techniques in landscape irrigation solutions and water conservation in our area. The information they have available can help improve your specific watering techniques to save our local water supply and help cut your water bill. They also have a wonderful research and garden site if you find yourself wanting to spend a nice day in the Berthoud, CO area.

Whether you want to learn about making candles to understanding your drip systems presented by yours truly, this is one resource you would like to check out. They offer classes of all types for a good value. Check out the classes they are offering and if you are looking to spend time in a beautiful botanical gardening site that offers educational value to people of all ages, visit their gardens and spend a wonderful time learning about plants and our natural environment.

The city of Greeley, CO has developed an education program to help local residents understand the nuances and importance of water conservation. They offer classes and information that is very useful to homeowners and professionals. Check out their education offerings for up to date classes that you can attend and build your knowledge base on waterwise irrigation solutions.